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Fertility and Gynaecology

Point Specifics is renowned in the Hill’s district area for working with couples who are experiencing fertility difficulties.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have historically been used for  fertility/infertility, and in more modern times in conjunction with IVF. Patients often present in clinic with varied menstrual disorders (painful periods, irregular cycles, endometriosis, PCOS, etc) that may be hindering their chances of falling pregnant, or with issues related to the structure and functioning of the sperm. Increasingly, male infertility – poor morphology (abnormal forms), poor motility and low sperm count – is a key contributor to infertility. For both people in the partnership, addressing poor lifestyle and dietary choices are essential.

“When the leaves of a tree are turning brown one can either paint the leaves green or look closer and further down to treat and nourish the root. Chinese medicine is concerned with the whole tree and thus nourishes the root. Over time not only do the leaves return vibrantly but the whole tree is healthier.”

Jacinda and Teja have a keen interest in the area of infertility and Chinese medicine. Our waiting room is plastered with photos and thank you cards from previous successful patients.

Teja and Jacinda’s upcoming book, Warm Womb: The Physics of Fertility, hopes to explain fertility health in common sense terms, and build a bridge between Western and Eastern medicine, to create one medicine.