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1Why do I have to pre-pay to secure an appointment for the first time?
We are a small business and our time is very precious to us. When you make an appointment, we hold that spot for you and nobody else. A treatment with us takes anywhere from 1 - 2 hours.
Pre-paying ensures you are committed to turning up to your appointment. It also means that if you decide to not turn up, we are covered so we have no loss of income. You will get a receipt for your payment after you have had your appointment so you can claim on your private health fund.
Frequently in the past, we have had people who make an appointment days or weeks in advance, only to not turn up and not tell us either. It's just plain rude and quite frankly we're sick of it.
We could be treating other people who genuinely want the appointment, but we can't notify our cancellation list if we don't know you're not coming.
The pre-payment is non-refundable should you not turn up to your appointment or if you cancel within 24 hours or less from your scheduled time. Please also see the cancellation policy below.
If you don't want to pre-pay, we totally understand. There are many other acupuncturists in the area who can see you.
2What are your fees?

We offer 20 years experience in a unique clinic setting. We operate only 2 rooms ensuring you get undivided attention for your consult and a safe, peaceful space where you can relax for your treatment.

Our prices are as follows:

Initial consult, 2 hours (for complex and in-depth cases such as Fertility, Gynecology, Chronic fatigue, Post-viral syndrome, Sleep disorders, Gut disorders etc) $250

Initial consult with treatment, 1 hour (for simple cases: Muscular pain, Labour induction, Pre and Post IVF transfer) $150

Subsequent consult with treatment, 1 hour $120

*We offer cupping, gua sha and moxibustion and use these therapies when we feel they are suitable. There is no extra charge for these.

Herbal medicines: Individualised powdered Chinese herbal medicine may also be prescribed at your consult. Herbal medicine usually lasts 2 weeks and is roughly $88.

3How can I make an appointment? Do I need a referral?
No you don't need a referral. Appointments are easy to make, just phone us on 8807 2828.
4What is the cancellation policy?
We require 24 hours notice for cancellations.
We are really tired of people cancelling at short notice and we are cracking down on people who don't seem to understand that our time is valuable.
Cancelling within half an hour, to an hour, or just plain not showing up is down right rude.
We actually don't mind if you have changed your mind, just please be a decent human and show some common courtesy and tell us way in advance. This allows us to contact people on our cancellation list (the people that actually want a treatment).
Some examples of valid reasons for cancelling at short notice are:
*You are pregnant and have gone into labour. (GREAT!!!)
*You have been involved in an accident, your finger is chopped off and you are at hospital. (GOOD!!! THAT IS WHERE YOU SHOULD BE!)
*You have the flu and have a fever, with hot and cold chills (PLEASE REST AT HOME!!! WE CAN SEE YOU WHEN YOU'RE BETTER JUST RESCHEDULE!)
If you do not have a valid reason for cancelling you will be asked to pay the cancellation fee. This is the FULL FEE of the treatment you booked in for that we couldn't fill because you didn't give us enough notice.
Repeat offenders will be asked to not come back.
5If I am rude, abrupt or demanding to the receptionist, will I get an appointment?
6What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday 9am-7pm Saturday 9am-4pm
7Are you covered under my private health fund?
Teja and Jacinda are both registered practitioners with all major health funds. How much you get back will depend on your health fund and your level of cover. We will issue a receipt so you can claim from your health fund. Please check with your individual health fund if you have any questions.
8Are you covered under medicare?
No unfortunately, our treatments are not covered under medicare.
9How do I pay? Do you only accept cash?
We have eftpos facilities here so you can pay via credit or debit card. We don't accept amex, but mastercard or visa is perfectly fine. Cash is, of course, always welcome too.
10I'm trying to call but the number doesn't seem to be working?
We're probably on another call! We're a bit old fashioned here, and we only use the one phone line. After the introduction of the NBN, instead of an engaged beeping phone signal, you will hear a pre-recorded voice message saying we're busy. Try again in a couple of minutes.
11Do you only see people for fertility?
No. Whilst we are known for helping people in their fertility struggles, we see a huge variety of other conditions and people of all different ages.
12Where is the closest parking?
We have parking on our premises and there is also ample street parking just in front of our clinic.
13Where exactly are you located?
We are at 1 Rhodes Pl, Kellyville. It's in a residential area in a quiet cul-de-sac. We are just near the traffic lights of President Rd and Windsor Rd. Please look for our big green Point Specifics clinic signs out the front of our driveway. You can't miss them.
14Can I get to you via public transport?
There are a few bus stops near us on Windsor Rd, President Rd, Greenwood Rd and Glenrowan Rd to name a few. The closest train stations would be on the new Metro but you would still need to catch a bus, taxi or uber from these stations.
15I'm not very mobile, do you have easy access to your clinic?
Yes, we have a disability ramp.
16What do I wear to a treatment?
Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Usually we need access to your legs and arms. Bottoms that can be pulled up to your knees comfortably are preferable. Tight leggings and jeans really aren't that appropriate.
17Where do you put the needles?
For muscular problems, we would normally needle the place that is sore, but could also needle your arms or legs, depending on what we find or deem is appropriate and important. For other conditions,including male and female fertility, we mainly needle the arms and lower legs.
18Can I bring my child with me to the appointment?
We love children. Children however, don't love sitting still for an hour in the stroller, It doesn't matter how many snacks or activities you pack them. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to mind or watch your child while you have treatment. Our clinic is busy and involves needles. Once your needles are put in, we leave you, and your child, unattended for 20-25 minutes. Therefore, it is not suitable to bring your child under the age of 4 to your appointment.
19Online shop refunds
We have an online shop where you can purchase various products. Unless faulty we do not offer refunds. We will not refund cost of shipping, if you would like to return something you will have to pay for the return shipping.

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