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Michele, Marcelo and baby Oliver

Doula servicing the Hills District for pregnancy and labour support.

Jacinda has been a doula for over 12 years. She trained with Renee Adair at the Australian Doula College.

A doula is a trained, experienced, support person for labour and birth.

A doula will help ensure you are making informed decisions along the way as well as making birth easier, physically, mentally and emotionally for the partner, and of course the pregnant woman. A doula’s best work, I believe, is before labour starts, providing you with all the choices and information you have regarding every aspect of pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.

A doula does not replace the role of the primary support partner. A doula makes the partner’s job easier. We will massage you for 8 hours straight if that’s what it takes to get you through the hardest part of your labour. We will clean up your vomit. We know where the hot towels are in the hospital. We know the right words to say and when to say it. We can suggest position changes if something isn’t working. We will remind you to go to the toilet and to drink in between every contraction. Your partner can be there for you emotionally without having to do all the physical stuff. Your partner can take a break without feeling guilty. Midwives in hospital do not have the time to be with you like this in labour. Your obstetrician will most likely only be in the room when you’re pushing (despite the thousands of dollars you’ve spent to have them).

Jacinda has helped support pregnant women, and their partners, at hospital births (private and public), birth centre births and homebirths. She has helped support heterosexual couples, same-sex couples and single women without any partner.

The aim of Jacinda’s doula support is to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions all the way throughout your pregnancy journey as well as during the labour.

Doula clients are usually patients of Jacinda. Please enquire via email for more information regarding pricing and availability.

“I love empowering women, and their partners, to take control of the decision making process to make their birth a positive experience. I love when women can come through birth feeling satisfied with what enfolded. And I enjoy giving partners hands-on, tactile, things to do so they can feel like they’re useful and feel as much as part of the birth as the birthing woman.”

Birth education

If you don’t feel like you need a doula, but are still wanting unbiased information on labour and birth, and how to have a birth that meets your needs, you might like to have a private birth education session. In these sessions Jacinda will provide lots of information: the hormones of labour, how the cervix dilates, what to do during pre-labour, early labour, active labour, pushing stage. What and how the birth support person can best help during the labour. When to go to hospital, and what to expect when you are at hospital.

Jacinda can provide a tailored birth education session for you, in the comfort of your own home. Please enquire via email for price and availability.

Testimonial – Michele and Marcelo

Our journey to conceive a baby started in January 2018. After 8 months of trying and not getting anywhere, we decided to investigate further with the help of a fertility clinic. The doctor said that my sperm count was too low and the chances of falling pregnant were around 5% considering we were both over 35.

We tried IVF, which didn’t work. The whole process was a nightmare – mistakes were made, misinformation, not to mention the cost. During IVF my wife developed intense rib and stomach pain which was aggravated by the stress of IVF. This pain is what prompted her to seek help from Chinese medicine.

We found Jacinda quite by google accident. We were actually trying to find someone else my wife had met years ago, but she couldn’t remember her name, she just remembered she lived in Kellyville. We started acupuncture and herbs in August 2019 with Jacinda and by October 2019, we were pregnant!

We thought that Jacinda’s job was complete. After all, we were pregnant now and everything was going perfectly. Until, early into our third trimester, our obstetrician started pointing out my wife’s age and that our baby was “too big”. He was recommending an induction or caesarean as the only options to deliver the baby. This didn’t feel or sound right to us. And it certainly wasn’t what my wife had hoped for. She wanted a natural birth. So back to Jacinda we went to discuss labour and birth and what we could do to avoid induction.

Jacinda gave us more information in 2 hours, than our obstetrician gave us after 9 appointments. Due to covid19 the hospital wasn’t running any birth education classes. Jacinda gave us all the information and knowledge to make the decisions that were right for us to try for a natural delivery. With the combination of the labour encouragement acupuncture, and the acupressure she taught us, my wife went into natural labour at 40 weeks and 3 days.

By applying the pressing and squeezing techniques on Michele’s hips and lower back, we were able to stay at home for 9 hours. We arrived at the hospital and our baby was born only 2 hours later. My wife had no painkillers and no syntocinon. She only used my pressing and squeezing for pain relief.

Our son Oliver was born on the 28th June 2020, weighing 4070g and 57cm in length. As Jacinda had joked in an earlier education session, my wife was the talk of the ward for birthing our baby naturally in a private hospital without any meds.