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Cupping & Guasha

Cupping and Guasha are ancient therapies used in many cultures.

Cupping works like a massage in reverse.

Instead of pushing down on the tight muscle fibres, it pulls them up, bringing deoxygenated blood to the surface and pulling fresh blood into the muscle underneath. You can read more about cupping here.

Guasha is a therapy that uses a special tool to rub along the length of the muscle.

After cupping and guasha we use liniments and heat packs to help move the stagnation.

Cupping therapy and Guasha will usually be combined with your acupuncture treatment.

It should be noted that both cupping and guasha usually leave marks after the treatment, which can remain anywhere from a couple of days to a week or so. Cupping and guasha is not painful to receive and any marks left do not hurt.

Please discuss this with Teja or Jacinda if you have any concerns.