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A successful sperm entering and egg rendered in 3D
An IVF masterclass. Perspectives on AMH and sperm health by two acupuncturists.
May 5, 2019
Lifestyle… what is medicine?
May 9, 2019

Chinese medicine fertility seminar for couples

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If Teja and Jacinda were to hold a “Fertility Basics” seminar (approx. 2 hours on a Sunday, cost of $100 per couple) would you attend? Or maybe you know someone who would be interested? We would present all the info we give to couples on their first consult here in the clinic, for a fraction of the cost. This would be perfect for the people who’ve heard a lot about acupuncture and Chinese medicine and how it can help fertility, but have not yet taken the plunge to finding a practitioner or making an appointment.

Send us an email here if you would be interested in attending.