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Hunyuan Xinfa: The Lost Heart of Medicine
June 14, 2018
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The Ledger of Good and Evil: A Manual for Humanity


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By Teja A. Jaensch

This book comes at a time of enormous social and political upheaval, with a pure message so desperately needed for our world. Each of us has a responsibility to be fully engaged in our own humanity. This is what it means to be truly humane. Too often we see our good intentions as sufficient evidence of our propriety, feeling ourselves distant to global angst and instability. Within these pages you are provided with a method, many hundreds of years old, by which you can observe yourself honestly, taking true control of your reactions. After which you no longer react, rather, you appropriately respond. Like a stone falling into a pond, our thoughts, emotions, actions and inactions ripple out into the world. Let us be the instigators of peace. Our combined ripples will send a tidal wave of benevolence through humanity. Hatred, greed, fear and war can then, finally, all be left at the riverbank.

This book contains the story of Shi Yin Fu and The Ledger of Good and Evil, along with the ancient lists of 100 Medicines and 100 Diseases.

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There is also a free app you can use on your iphone or android, to help you practice the cultivation method described in The Ledger of Good and Evil. It can be downloaded from: