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June 14, 2018
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ROWO Herbal Sports Gel


Rowo herbal sports gel provides temporary therapeutic pain relief. Its active ingredients include Peppermint oil, arnica, echinacea, chamomile and witch hazel. This non-greasy gel is cooling and gentle to the skin. It has a pleasant peppermint fragrance and is non-staining. Suitable for use by adults and children. For external use only. Convenient tubes available in 2 sizes 100mL or 50mL.

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ROWO Herbal Sports Gel is a natural therapeutic product.

Active ingredients: Peppermint oil, arnica, echinacea, chamomile and witch hazel

  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Apply before and after physical exercise or as required
  • Helps prevent muscular cramps and spasms
  • Can be used as an aid in massage
  • Can be used for sports injuries, muscle aches and pains and as a cooling soothing relief to itchy bites