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Lua essential oil aromatherapy diffuser with light


The Lua essential oil aromatherapy diffuser with light is our best selling diffuser because of its sleek compact size and multi-function features. This diffuser will fit easily into any space in your home. It offers a gentle humidifying action (no more mould growth from over condensation), with up to 8 hours before the tank runs out. The changing light function runs through the 7 different colours associated with each chakra, you can also set it to an individual colour. Makes a great nightlight for your child’s bedroom. This light function is separate so you can choose if you want the diffuser with or without the changing lights.

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  • durable plastic body
  • lid secures on with a small twist
  • ideal for small bedrooms and bathrooms
  • provides gentle humidification
  • changing light feature – 7 different colours. Can be set to individual colour, or rotates through them on autofunction
  • water tank lasts for 8 hours on intermittent function, 6 hours on continuous
  • small and compact with a modern design

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