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Hua Tuo muscle pain relief plasters


*Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. For a great alternative please look at our Extra strength muscle pain adhesive patches or Eco-Pain pain relief patches 

Hua Tuo muscle pain relief plasters are powerful medicated adhesive plasters that offer temporary relief from minor aches and pains. They can be used on muscle, tendon, ligament or joint pain due to acute or chronic injury. Each plaster contains a combination of herbal extracts known for aiding circulation and helping muscle injury recovery. 5 plasters per pack.

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  • 5 adhesive plasters
  • Plaster should be worn for 1-2 days. (Plasters can get wet when showering/bathing)
  • Pleasant herb fragrance
  • Each plaster is 6 x 10cms. Can be cut smaller to suit.

*Allergy warning: contains natural rubber latex. May cause temporary skin allergy to people sensitive to rubber latex.


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