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Back and Stomach microwaveable heat pack by therapacks


This microwaveable heat pack is a great size for most areas of the body, in particular the back and stomach. It contains 100% natural lupin seeds to avoid mould growth and weevils. You can microwave or freeze these packs. Therapacks back and stomach heat packs are manufactured in Australia. These are the only packs we use in our clinic and they’ve lasted us 10 years of constant repetitive use. The segmented sections enable all the seeds to stay in place without slipping and moving to the end of the bag. This ensures an even distribution of heat, no matter where it is placed on the body. The rectangular shape is perfect for lower back pain, as well as abdominal pain from period pain, labour pain or indigestion.

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  • rectangular shape
  • made with lupin seeds
  • 100% thick cotton cover
  • measures approx. 29cm x 20cm
  • segmented sections: seeds stay in place and won’t move about. No more wrangling with floppy bags and uneven seed distribution!
  • microwaveable
  • freezable

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